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About Story House Collective

Throughout the evolution of his career, Matthew West has come to understand more and more that, at his core, he is a storyteller. Whether it was the stories from his own life, from the lives of friends and family, or those of his many fans, it is the foundational power of story that has given birth to many of West’s most loved and widely-recognized songs. Most recently, his passion for the art of story took the form of popwe, a nonprofit ministry whose heartbeat is to help others CRAFT, SHARE and LIVE out stories about real life and a very real God

Now, West’s vision is expanding once again with the formation of Story House Collective, a multifaceted company born out of his desire to impact culture by incubating and championing the next generation of storytellers, creatives and artists whose mission is to bring hope to a hurting world through music, books, film and other creative outlets. Story House Collective will exist to serve artists and content creators by providing management services, artist development, music publishing, marketing and more.

True to its name, Story House Collective will be a collaborative effort between West and a team of strategic partners to provide brand management, content creation, product development and fan engagement. Current Strategic Partners include: Crowd Surf, 5by5 Agency, Martin Allbee & Associates, Capitol Christian Music Group, and Jeff Roberts & Associates.